What we do

Imageynation specialises in all aspects of live action filming, CGI animation, visual FX and print advertising ( pre-production, production and post-production) be it a short corporate film to expand brand identity, live filming of a product launch, a print campaign for your new super-slimming cereal, a web video to launch your new band or a full length feature film with all the CGI trimmings!

We are your one-stop-shop to getting it all done…and when you no longer need multiple companies to create separate parts of the production process…you end up saving lots of money!

CGI Animation

TV Adverts | Corporate films | Motion graphics | Feature films

When we are on board to create your CGI animation, your project is in great hands. We have years upon years of top-level industry experience at our fingertips. We can create any look for any client. Photo-realistic? Animated look? No problem! 

The beauty of CGI is its wealth of flexibility, gone are the days of costly re-shoots. We can simply make the necessary changes in our 3D environment and re-render. You can even see the changes with immediate effect and not have to wait days for the footage to be re-edited. It’s faster, more flexible and with our unique workflow, it is now more budget friendly than ever before.

We are able to create complete CGI environments with any level of complexity or we can incorporate a 3D element in to a pre-existing film plate with the latest VFX compositing software…this is the power of 3D CGI!

Give Imageynation and CGI animation a try, you won’t be disappointed.