DHL – International Express


Maverick came to Imageynation and asked us to create a new and cool animation for their client DHL.

Maverick had finely detailed storyboards and a fantastic design style for the animation they wanted, so all we had to do was bring it all to life.

In just two weeks we were able to animate this four-minute film, cut the music to fit certain animated cues and create a bespoke sound-design track that went perfectly with the final content.

The animation has been extremely well-received and we are delighted it is so well liked by Maverick. It was a project we thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

“Imageynation were great to partner with throughout the whole project and it was a pleasure to work with such accommodating and helpful people. The end result was brilliant and we are so happy with the piece. I’d love to work with them again in the future and would absolutely recommend them!”

Shadyn Nikzad, Account Executive, Maverick