Colt DCS


Imageynation were asked by Colt Data Centre Services to create a six-minute 3D animation of their facilities.

Colt’s facilities reflect highest-level engineering brilliance and before we could do them any justice through the animation, we first needed to understand how Colt build and maintain such an extraordinary site.

The entire animation was created from blueprints of the facility. This enabled the models to be created at real-world dimensions and to a one hundred percent accurate scale. Everything in the film is ‘inch perfect’ which now means we have a virtual 3D model of the facilities for Colt to utilise any time they require.

“Every time, they came up with better ideas than our own, were always available and even worked to our very tight deadlines to the highest quality. What more is there to say than to
trust them to deliver with success every time with a new challenge from Colt?”

Rebecca Kools, Marketing Manager, Colt Technology Services