Telehouse International Corporation asked us to create a three-minute CGI film of their facilities in the brand new North Two building in Docklands, London. The actual building is currently under construction and will not be finished until late 2016.

Therefore, we had to create everything as an architectural visualisation. It took us nearly six months to complete the modelling, texturing, lighting animation and graphics. With regular site visits and meetings with the architect to steer on textures and materials.

This project was a huge undertaking and proves to be our biggest CGI challenge to date (in terms of geometery) Once everything was completed it took a mammoth six-seven days to render out a completed animation. It was worth all the hard work!

“Working with imageynation has been a pleasure. Neil’s team have been extremely thorough throughout resulting in a finished product that has far exceeded expectations.”

James Davies, Marketing Executive, Telehouse International Corporation