British Airways


We were asked to create an airport scene for a large window display that filled a huge space of 14 meteres in width by 3 metres in height.

This was one of the most technically intense projects we have worked on. Typically when creating such a large image, the technique is to create a standard render size and scale it up ready for digital printing. This works well for large scale advertising signs and billboards as the image is usually intended to be viewable at a distance, therefore the down-res in quality is not very noticeable.

However with such a large window to fill that is close to viewer scrutiny, any loss in quality or pixilation from up-scaling is more noticeable close up. As a solution, we created the largest render we have ever created so that the production resolution was at a maximum.

Firstly, we created the whole image as a single render. This included modelling  a B747, B737, A380, Dreamliner, Terminal 5, runway and various airport vehicles.

Then we created all the post effects which required a re-build of our computer workflow in order to handle such large files and improve render times.

After the final render, we split the image into ten precise and individual sections that perfectly fitted each window pane. With meticulous measurements, we removed the pillar support of each window frame from the image to make it flow seamlessly from one pane to the next.

Have a look through our image gallery to see the making of this image and to see the final image displayed in the window.