About Us

Imagination means ‘the ability to form new images and sensations that we have not previously experienced’. Imageynation helps bring these imaginings to life!

Why choose Imageynation over all the other fabulous London-based production companies out there? That’s easy! We can work with all budgets be they large or small and always give you an amazing final product which you will be delighted with. The process will be made easy and enjoyable as you will work with a like-minded and wonderfully positive team who will put your needs first and you will also receive our free after-care service should you require an extra tweak here or there or a new output amend after the job’s been signed off.

And, don’t forget the Imageynation points you earn with every job you place with us! Spend them as you will whilst sipping a cappucino and smugly noting a job well done.

Give Imageynation a call or email us to discuss your ideas or project. We can’t wait to work with you in 2013 and to help bring your imageynings to reality!

Imageynation can provide hire of their very own Red Epic film kit. This top of the line cinematic camera can also come with a Director thrown in and a crew too should you need it! Rates are negotiable. Please call or email to discuss your requirements.

The fantastic RED Epic!

The ‘Epic’ has been four years in the making and it now proudly boasts the most advanced sensor on the planet!

The camera’s statistics are truly amazing (5k res, 300 fps, 18 stops of latitude), the advanced technology (remote control, touch screen viewfinder, HDRX) is genius and the pictures are simply jaw-dropping…put all this into a form factor that is half the size of a typical cinema camera (only weighing in at 4.5lbs) and you have something that is truly, well…Epic!

Let Imageynation shoot your next production and we promise a level of quality you will find nowhere else. Also, we can now save you money by not having the additional hire charges for the world’s most desirable camera.
After all…if it is good enough for Peter Jackson and ‘The Hobbit’, it is good enough for us!